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Weekly menu




Lettuce hearts salad & tuna gel, endives & Ronkal cheese gel

Intolerances: soy, fish, sesame, dairy products

Medley of seasonal vegetables, juice of its chlorophyll

intolerances: —–

Smoked sardine, cherry tomato foccacia, mint and pickled cucumber

intolerances: gluten, fish

Courgette, greeb beans and mushrooms spaghettis, cod creamy and parsley gel

intolerances: mushrooms, dairy products, fish, nuts

Tender peas carpaccio in the pod , red fruits, cauliflower, mango and foie

intolerances: gluten, celery, sulphites, soy

Kebab of aubergine and roasted leeks, beet and barbecue sauce

intolerances: gluten, soy, celery, mustard, sulphites

Natural curd  & coconut, roasted avocado, scallop&tuna, Moroccan lime and tuna  (supplement 5 €)

Intolerances :dairy products, fish

Thai savarin of txangurro (spider crab) cooked in vermouth, seasonal shoots and lettuce, orange and gordal olives

Intolerances: mustard, sesame, sulphites, altramuces, dairy products



Stewed with baby octopus, peas, egg cooked at 63º and asparagus germ

intolerances: fish, sulphite, egg

Stewed hake with cockles and liquefied acid rucula

Intolerances:  fish,  mollucs, celery

“Corvina” baked sea bass with mushrooms and onions custard (supplement 4 €)

intolerances: fish, celery, soy, altramuces, sulphites

“Pepito” Sandwich of suckling foal, mashed beet, aromatics and vinegar powder

intolerances: dairy products, soy, sesame, celery, mustard, sulphites, altramuces, nuts, gluten

Iberian presa with crunchy chard, egg and small potatoes

intolerances: nuts, altramuces, celery, sulphites

Duck and bacon terrine, mashed celleri and fennel sautéed with wine reduction

tolerances: dairy products, sulphites,soy

Chicken and squid cannelloni, truffled bechamel sauce

intolerances: dairy products, fish, mollusks, eggs, gluten


Old beef sirloin, reduction of its juice and pickled mushrooms with agraz verjus (supplement 3 €)

Intolerances: dairy products, soy, celery, sulphites

Lamb shoulder from Navarra  (supplement 9€)

intolerances: —–


“Gazpacho” Cold soup of red fruits, foam of yogurt and citrus

intolerancess: dairy, egg,

Pina colada, honey and lemon meringue

intolerancess: dairy, eggs, nuts, peanut

Chocolate Crème brûlée and passion fruit

intolerances: gluten, dairy, egg, nuts

Mineral water, bread and coffee (drinks not included)

29 euros (Taxes included)


 T- shaped meat cut 3cm thick with two pieces of meat: sirloin part smaller and entrecote part larger, with vegetables in tempura, roasted potatoes and piquillos peppers

intolerances: gluten

(38 € included water, bread, coffee and natural curd )