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Weekly menu




Beetroot and anchovies tartar, olives and piperrak juice

Intolerances: fish, sulphite

Orange, caramelized foie, cauliflower and cacao

intolerances: dairy products, gluten, nuts

Waldorf salad with lettuce

intolerances: soy, fish, sesame, dairy products, mustard

Small endives of Tudela, tuna mousse, Navarra cheeses and citrus

intolerances: soy, fish, sesame, dairy products, mustard

Fresh prawns gratin, black garlic flavoured mayonnaise alioli, sauce romesco & passion fruit ( supplement 4 €)

intolerances: egg, fish, celery, nuts, gluten

Grilled Tudela artichokes cut to knife and bone marrow (supplement 5 €)

intolerances: seasonal  gluten

Medley of seasonal vegetables (supplement 5 €)

Intolerances: seasonal gluten

Chicken cannelloni & stew squid  (supplement 3 €)

Intolerances: fish, soy, gluten, dairy products

Roasted leek rolls, pork belly maskarada, truffle vinaigrette and ashes

intolerances: soy, mustard, sesame, sulphite, lupines



Grilled Cantabrian hake, fresh spring onions custard (supplement 3 €)

intolerances: fish, sulphite, dairy products

Sturion to papillote

Intolerances:  fish, mollucs, celery, sulphite

Grilled scallops , vegetables, and codium seaweed mousse

intolerances: fish, celery, soy, altramuces, gluten, dairy products

Stuffed shoulder of lamb cooked at low temperature (supplement 9 €)

intolerances: soy, nuts, celery, mustard

Roasted chicken, sitakes and potatoes chips

intolerances: dairy products, sesame, celery, mustard, soy, altramuces, sulphite, nuts

Navarra beef steak, potato and bacon millefeuille (supplement 4 €)

intolerances: dairy produtcs

False spaghetti bolognese from snout veal, vegetables and mushrooms

intolerances: sulphites, gluten

Duck confit stew with roasted eggplant and applesauce to vanilla

intolerances: celery, sukphites

Musk deer sirloin, chestnut purée and Siu Panka ( supplement 3€)

intolerances: soy, mustard, sulphites


Stuffed pineapple ( supplement 3 €)

intolerancess: dairy, egg, nuts, peanuts, gluten, sulphites

Creamy curds, fig bread and whisky

intolerancess: dairy, eggs

Cheese cake

intolerances: gluten, dairy, egg, nuts

Chocolate brownie, orange, pistachios and beet

intolerances: gluten, dairy, egg, nuts

Mineral water, bread and coffee (drinks not included)

29 euros (Taxes included)


 T- shaped meat cut 3cm thick with two pieces of meat: sirloin part smaller and entrecote part larger, with vegetables in tempura, roasted potatoes and piquillos peppers

intolerances: gluten

(38 € included water, bread, coffee and natural curd )