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Weekly menu



Menu  1st  to  31th April 2017



Orange salad, calzots, smoked sardine, berry oil ,raspberry vinaigrette and beetroot puff pastry

Intolerances: fish, nuts, gluten

Grilled endives and hearts of lettuce, pickled partridge, pineapple and roast colt

intolerancess: sulfites, peanuts, mustard, sesame

Green beans and spring onions in pil-pil cider

intolerances: sulfites

Seasonal vegetables panache, pumpkin juice and tuna

intolerances: fish ,celery, gluten

Vegetables tartar, yolk egg marinated with pepper and curcuma

intolerances: egg, mustard, celery, sesame, soy, lupines, sulfites

Carpaccio poultry chicken, roasted boniato, salade cocktail and popcorn

intolerances: soy, lupines, sulfites, mustard, fish

Tudela artichokes cooked at low temperature and grilled, cream of misofoie and siu panka (supplemt. 4€)

intolerances: soy, sulfites

Celery, spaghetti sautéed and cooked with truffle and egg (supplement 5€)

intolerances: egg, dairy


Hake cooked at low temperature, cauliflower and pickled carrot

intolerances: sulfites, dairy,celery

Squids stew, aubergine ganoush and spirulina (super food)

Intolerances: fish, celery, gluten

Grilled corvina, hazelnut pesto, edamame soy and thai eel sauce(supplement 4 €)

intolerances: soy, peanuts, nuts, lupines, dairy

Turkey civet, fried egg and mushrooms

intolerances: gluten, egg

Grilled sirloin, belly bacon, truffle parmentier(supplement 4€)

intolerances: dairy, soy, sulfites ,celery

Duck confit with onions, in vegetable sauce

intolerances: sulfites, celery, nuts

Grilled lamb, onions and peppers

intolerances: celery, soy, sulfites

Stewed pork trotters with tomato & sausage

intolerances: gluten, celery


Warm almond, raspberry creamy ( supplement 3 €)

intolerancess: egg, nuts, dairy

Chocolate pistachios and hazelnut ice cream

intolerancess:nuts, dairy, gluten

Our version of whisky cake

intolerances: dairy, egg, sulfites, gluten, nuts

Cheese cake

intolerances: gluten, eggs, dairy

Natural curd, truffle honey and yoghurt

intolerances: gluten, eggs, dairy

Mineral water, bread and one glass of wine or beer included.

29 euros (Taxes included)





TASTING MENU – 35 € – 

 Carpaccio of prawns, mushrooms, pickles and pomegranate

Borage with pumpkin cream and roe

 Stewed lentils with bacon

 Fish’s day

 Iberian prey marinated homemade, potato and olive

 Natural curd roller with malt ice cream



Entrecot (450 gramos)

with: chips, lettuce hearts, piquillos peppers……

intolerances: peanuts

Mineral water, bread and one glass of wine or beer included.