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Weekly menu




Grilled tender peas in the pod Carpaccio, misofoie, cherries and AOVE

(supplement 2€) Intolerances: dairy products, sesame, soy, nuts

Zucchini and green beans spaghettis, dewlap pork and pumpkin

intolerances: mustard

Tomato tartar and Navarra veal, pickles, aromatics (supplement 3€)

intolerances: soy, sesame, mustard, sulphite

Endives and hearts of lettuce salad, tuna vinaigrette, cheese and citrus

intolerances: soy, fish, sesame, sulphite

Chard ceviche and salsifis, roasted avocado, mint juice and red onion

intolerances: egg, fish, celery, altramuces

Anchovies breaded with egg, fried peppers

intolerances: egg, fish and gluten

Smoked sardine, Roasted leeks, Romesco sauce, and Crystal bread

Intolerances: soy, mustard, sesame, sulphite, lupine, gluten, fish and nuts



Grilled turbot, cream dill and rucula. (supplement 3 €)

intolerances: fish, sulphite, gluten

Squids stew, cod with tomato

Intolerances:  fish, mollucs, celery, sulphite

Cantabrian tuna, tomato and pickles

intolerances: fish, celery, soy, altramuces, sulphite

Stuffed shoulder of lamb (supplement 9 €)

intolerances: soy, sulphite

Roasted chicken, sitakes and potatoes chips

intolerances: dairy products, sesame, celery, mustard, soy, altramuces, sulphite

Duck stew with glazed eggplant, Poached onion, potatoes and bimi

intolerances: nuts, sulphite, soy, celery and lupines


Sirloin, crunchy vegetables, parmentier truffle (supplement 5€)

intolerances: dairy products, soy, sulfites

Pork ribs in barbecue sauce

intolerances: egg, soy, celery, mustard, sulfites


Warm almond, raspberry sorbet ( supplement 4 €)

intolerancess: dairy, egg, nuts, peanuts

“Gazpacho” cold soup of berries, creamy vanilla and mango

intolerancess: dairy, eggs

Whisky cake

intolerances: gluten, dairy, egg, nuts

Mineral water, bread and one glass of wine or beer included.

29 euros (Taxes included)



Entrecot (450 gramos)

with: potatoes, lettuce hearts, piquillos peppers……

intolerances: gluten

 Mineral water, bread and one glass of wine or beer included.